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when it comes to make something productive
and i'm ready for everything
someone says there's nothing against me
i find it quite true

but then million thoughts are blowing in my mind
like no one's able to understand
when a number of colours, faces, words and tears
scream in my head in a one minute
and don't let me describe anything
like i should say nothing
because i have too much to say

and i must repeat everything over and over
as nothing is reliable to me
i have to listen to your words twice
must look at printed letters both time
and at my skin again and again
because i can't believe it's getting a yellow and pale tinge
and touch flame from the cigarette lighter twice
to feel the burn substantially
i must get up in the morning
and take a deep breath over and over
to smell the air properly

my senses seem to be worn out and rotten

* * *

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my Dads death
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March 25, 2013
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